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  With the complexity and price of LED displays, you need a partner with strong expertise and experience. We’ve made it our mission to equip our dealers with the best information on the technology, application, and substantial benefits of LED signs. LED A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that illuminates when electricity passes […]

How to protect the quality of LED display kit?

With the improvement of human living standards and technological progress, led screen was more and more widely used, however when comes to purchase LED screen, how to ensure the LED screen can be applied very well? What is the impact of LED large screen quality factor?

First of all, the complexity of the temperature on the LED large screen is a great impact. LED display on the ambient temperature is very picky, in theory, 25 ℃ is the best working temperature.

But in fact, the ambient temperature of the outdoor display is quite complex, the maximum temperature in summer may be above 60 ℃, the minimum temperature in winter may be below -20 ℃. The display works in this fluctuating temperature with great influence on the quality of the LED large screen. In different temperature conditions, red, green and blue lamp brightness attenuation and decline is different, at 25 ℃, more normal, but at 60 ℃, the three colors of the LED brightness has declined, And its attenuation value is inconsistent, so will produce the whole screen brightness drop and color cast phenomenon, the quality of the whole screen will decline. High temperature, LED large screen in the IC will be because of the high temperature and lead to work instability, and even lead to blurred screen. So that the constant temperature is very important.

Second, the importance of power equipment. As the power supply in different temperature conditions, LED large screen work stability, output voltage and load capacity will be different, power equipment with logistical support, and its ability to protect the direct impact on the quality of the screen. Due to the different performance and stability, different brands and specifications of the power supply equipment prices are quite different. In the choice of purchase, we must pay attention to the power and performance of the match.

Finally, the importance of box design. The cabinet has a circuit protection function, as well as dust proof, waterproof effect. The thermal circuit system design for ventilation is extremely important in box design. As the turn-on time increases and the ambient temperature increases, the thermal drift of the component increases, resulting in poor image quality. Good ventilation design is an essential indicator of box design.

For some well-known LED large screen business, the brand is a business life. They are less for short-term interests and damage their own brand image. So choose the best choice for large screen LED well-known brands.

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