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Cinema trends: Will LED screen push out projection?

Exhibitors are dabbling in a host of new technologies and applications, from direct-view LED displays to VR gaming. Tim Kridel explores why...

The technology of small spacing LED display is improved, which factors should be considered when choosing the display screen?

The goal of small spacing LED display is to achieve high definition and enter the home appliance industry. Today's LED displays are...

The classification and differentiation of LED displays

First, the difference between the LED soft screen and the conventional LED display screen, which is better? LED soft screens are also...

What do you know about the glass curtain wall LED display screen?

The glass curtain wall led screen is also called led curtain wall screen, and its birth has been closely watched. The penetration...

What happens when outdoor LED displays are dirty? Give you the most professional cleaning method!

Outdoor LED display needs to be cleaned before, during, and after installation, this is a very important link, can prevent the LED...

The screen is not clear when the LED screen is plugged in. What is the cause of it?

First, if the new panel mount electricity as the picture is not clear, it could be control card set scanning is wrong,...

How will the low price competition hurt the LED display industry?

The price competition in the LED display industry has intensified since 2017. Due to the further improvement of industry concentration and the...

How to make the LED display clearer? What are the steps?

With the rapid development of social development, led display screens are everywhere, as the main carrier of advertising and information play, in...

The key of the small spacing LED display is the light bead

At present indoor splicing micro spacing of LED large screen market splicing screen, DLP rear projection splicing screen, LCD splicing screen three...

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