the best indoor LED screen

The goal of small spacing LED display is to achieve high definition and enter the home appliance industry. Today’s LED displays are used in city government, commercial media. If you enter the appliance industry, the market will develop into a monopoly technology.

It is no doubt a revolution in display to make the LED display a home appliance for every household.

With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, the small spacing LED display is becoming more and more perfect. After the development of the industry, the lower p2.5 is called small spacing LED display. According to the data, the current minimum is p1.5, and the models include p2, p1.9, etc. We choose small spacing to consider the following questions.

1. Even if the product is p1.5 or smaller, full hd resolution (1920 x 1080) will be achieved and the screen size will be 144 inches. This is a very large space, and it doesn’t include the size of the base. It’s not easy to find a wall that can put down its walls.

2. From the price point of view, the LED light bead is smaller because of the spacing. The LED lights are more compact, and the small spacing LED display is very high. And the heat dissipation, circuit or power compared other LED display screen is higher. And at present, the technology of small spacing LED display is still in development, not mature enough, leading to the price of small spacing LED display. But as the technology of small, spaced LED displays becomes more and more mature, with more and more capacity, our prices will drop, just like the phones of those days.

3, from the aspects of maintenance, although the life of the LED display is very long, but the lamp bead, no outdoor and indoor require thickness is high, lead to the cooling effect is not very good, easy to malfunction. This makes it harder to maintain small spacing LED displays. There are already perfect technologies for maintaining LED displays. Note in small spacing purchases and applications:

4. The proportion of bright area of led display screen is the ratio of each pixel of the luminous surface to the pixel of the entire led display screen. LED displays are arranged in discrete pixels, and there is a big difference between pixels and pixels. Some distance to watch the visual effect is not very good, and the brightness is not even; If the light source is small in pixels, the brightness index of a pixel will be very high, which can cause a strong visual impact. The flat LED display is the accepted TCO 99 standard in the industry, and leds can’t be less than 50 percent, but now many of the market’s LED displays don’t meet the requirements.

5. The characteristics of low-pass filter of TV directly affect the proper shooting distance of led display with different filling coefficients. The filling coefficient is smaller than the fill coefficient, so the photo is far away. If the system low pass filter passband is 4 MHZ, high frequency attenuation characteristics of 12 db/octave, so, filling coefficient of 25% shooting distance is more than 50% of filling coefficient of attenuation 1.15 db, shooting from the need to increase by about 10%. The improvement of the filling coefficient is that led display is more widely used, and the color difference is more ideal, which solves the glaring problem perfectly, and the existing led display conditions are getting better and better.

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