LEDSCREENPARTS was founded in June 2016 by Mr. Amos Poon, an accomplished overseas LED screen engineer with more than six years of global site work experience. He specializes in LED screen troubleshooting from theory to practice. Our platform is dedicated to providing professional and fast response service, offering proper and brand-new LED screen products, and all kinds of LED screen parts to customers worldwide. Meeting customers’ demands are our team’s first and most important mission. We aspire to become the world’s largest integrated after-sales service solution provider for LED display screens.

Our young team has advanced management, and we strictly adhere to standard rules that ensure our operations are rigorous, scientific, and flexible, enabling us to grow rapidly.

Over the past two years, we have served over 2,000 customers with LED screen parts, supplied more than 100 customers with over 2,200sqm of LED screens, provided 80 instances of free technical support, and offered more than 500 LED screen engineering proposal consultations.

LEDSCREENPARTS is the fastest-growing comprehensive service team in the LED screen industry, providing parts and integrated services. In 2018, we established good relationships with all LED suppliers and reached long-term cooperation agreements.

We are committed to staying true to our mission, continually providing the best service to our customers to maintain their trust.


※Tech Support for LED Display Screen

ledscreenparts tech support

Due to the global demand for technical support for LED screens and other LED-related electronics, our company has an experienced team that consists of people from various factories producing LED electronics. Our team possesses over three years of quality experience in LED electronics both in software and hardware aspects. We provide remote assistance to address any technical problems you may have with your LED electronics.

※Selling LED Display Screen/Sign Parts

Selling LED screensign parts

Our company sells various sizes and types of LED screens at better prices than those offered by manufacturing factories. We recognize quality LED screens with low or optimum prices, which we provide to satisfy our customers’ needs. In addition, we also sell LED screen parts that come directly from factories, which are our major work.

※LED Display Screen Industry Consultation Services

Industry Consulting Services

As a third party between the seller and buyer of LED screen products, we offer fair and valuable pieces of advice on the purchase and maintenance of LED electronics. We provide information on any LED screens you may wish to buy or repair. We respond to your inquiries with respect and courtesy and provide lasting and effective solutions.

※Sourcing/ Goods Inspection /Delivering

Value added services

Our wealth of experience enables us to be a reliable company for sourcing good LED screens and inspecting goods before delivery. We possess staff members who are experienced in exporting, enabling us to offer affordable rates for these services. With our technicality and experience, we guarantee our customers’ satisfaction when doing business with us

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