The transition of electronics from the usual tube and big components to more simple and compact components is continually going on the world starting from the past centuries to the current century and for centuries to come. LED is one of those small and compact components that the world is turning to and lots of companies are trying to popularize their business on outdoor and indoor LED displays  (LED screens inclusive). These LED powered electronics need frequent service and maintenance and that is why our company LEDSCREENPARTS is established to sell LED screens and provide solutions to all LED Screen related problems you might be encountering. We do these by making available a convenient one-stop online purchase for our LED customers around the globe.

   Our services

© Tech support for LED screen    

Due to the global need for technical support for people that use LED screens and other LED related electronics, our company has a technically oriented and experienced team from many factories that produce LED electronics to provide you with any sort of technical support you need for your LED electronics. This team is made up of people with quality experience of over 3 years in LED electronics both in the software and the hardware aspects. Our company is ready to offer you a remote assistance to any of these technical problems you might be having with your LED electronics.


© Selling LED screen/sign parts    

The sale of different sizes and types of LED screen is being carried out in our company; we will sell to you at a better price you can get any type of LED screen you want from the manufacturing factory. Our experience in the business has provided us with the opportunity to recognize the quality LED screens with a low or optimum price and that is exactly what we are going to provide you with. Apart from main sale of LED screens, we also deal in selling parts of LED screens which come directly from the factories. Sale of LED screen parts is our major work and we will do that to satisfy your need.


© LED consultation services for FREE    

Being a third party between the seller and the buyer of LED screen products and because of the wealth of experience we have, we can provide you with fair and valuable pieces of advice as regards the purchase and maintenance of LED electronics. We can provide you with information on any of LED screen that you may wish to buy or repair. We will entertain any questions you may want to ask with courtesy and respect and lasting and effective solutions will be provided to you.


© Sourcing/ Goods inspection /Delivering    

Our wealth of experience has made us a very good company to come for in terms of sourcing for a good LED screen and also in inspecting the goods before delivery. Apart from these attribute we possess, our staff are also experienced in exporting, so there is no need for you to waste time and money as we can do that for you at a cheaper rate. The kind of experience you will have with our company, you cannot have them in any other company into this business. Our technicality and experience speak for us. Do business with us and you will never regret it.