Novastar NCE Online Training

  • 01. Basic knowledge of NovaStar

  • 02. NovaLCT Basic Configuration

  • 03. Redundancy Configuration

  • 04. Multiple-screen Solution

  • 05. 4K Solution

  • 06. Troubleshooting – Blackout Issue

  • 07. Troubleshooting – Screen Flickering

  • 08. Troubleshooting – Uneven screen brightness

Novastar Fundamental Course

01. Smart Settings for a Regular Module Final

02. Exchange Data Group

03. LCT Performance Settings and Receiving Card Configuration Files

04. Screen Connection & Multi-Screen Management

05. Multi-function card

06. Brightness Adjustment

07. Pre-store image settings

08. Quick Seam Adjustment

09. Redundancy Setting

10. Firmware upgrade

Novastar ViPlex Operation Instruction             (Async Mode & Studio Mode)

♦Novastar ViPlex Async Mode

01 Basic Functions

02 Terminal Operation

03 Solutions Management

04-USB Playback Solutions

05 Playback Management

06 Brightness Adjustment

07 Video Source Management

08 Screen Status Control & Restart Configuration & Color Temperature & Monitoring

09 Play Logs

10 Font Management

11 Network Configuration

13 Terminal Upgrade

14 Power Management

15 Time Synchronization Management

♦Novastar ViPlex Studio Mode

01 Basic Functions

02 Solutions Management

  • Wired setting

  • Video source-ViPlex Express

  • Time synchronous-ViPlex Express

  • T card configuration-NovaLCT

  • Screen status-ViPlex Express

  • Restart device-ViPlex Express

  • Play managemnet-ViPlex Express

  • Monitoring-ViPlex Express

  • Make solution-ViPlex Express

  • Logs-ViPlex Express

  • Fonts management-ViPlex Express

  • Firmware update-ViPlex Express

  • Connect WiFi AP-ViPlex Express

  • Connect terminal after WiFi AP

  • Connect T card via LAN

  • Color temperature-ViPlex Express

  • Check VNNOX server information-VNNOX

  • Check iCare bind infroamtion-VNNOX

  • Brightness adjustment-ViPlex Express

  • Bind VNNOX-ViPlex Express

  • Bind iCare-ViPlex Express

  • Advanced solution-ViPlex Express



Novastar Smart LCT Operation Video

01.Smart LCT Cabinet Rotation

02.Smart LCT Cabinet Offsets

03.Smart LCT Readback and Update of Receiving Card Parameters and Firmware Update

04.Smart LCT Project Files

05.Smart LCT V-Sender

06.Smart LCT+R5 Rotation Operation

07.Smart LCT Building Block Assembling Flow

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