Q1. Regarding the 4 outputs controllers, I have only 3 ports 650000 px?    

A1. If you use 650,000 for port 1/2/3, the loading capacity of port4 will be 2,300,000-650,000*3=350,000px,We recommend you average the loading capacity of all the output ports.

Q2. MCTRL 4K can really do 7680 height if we have a graphic card that can do this?

A2. Yes, need a graphic card feed this input resolution to MCTRL4K, you can check the Ultra High-resolution generator setting at https://www.novastar.tech/downloads/controller/

Q3. Since the total capacity of a 4- output controller is 2.3m px, we cannot use 650,000 px on each output?    

A3. Same as Q1, each output port capacity will be 575,000 px.

Q4. If there are two receiving cards in a cabinet, how to calculate the load and the number of cabinets.

A4. In this situation, we need to calculate the receiving card number, not the cabinet, because when you perform the screen connection in NOVALCT software it is about the receiving card mapping

Q5. If there is any important for ethernet cable we use? Cat5 or Cat 6?      

A5. CAT5 is enough, but the CAT6 is better

Q6. As I understand that 1 port loading capacity is 650,000? 

A6. Yes.

Q7. If I use frame rate 50 Hz how many cabinets (P3.91) connect a single network port?      

A7. The capacity of the output port at 50hz will be around 780,000, use the 780,000/cabinet resolution you will get the cabinet number

Q8. The capacity is around 1.3 million pixels, right?

A8. 650,000 for each output ports, 1,3 million is for MSD300/MCTRL300.

Q9. Does the connection type between cabinets have an effect on our image? For example, I can connect the 2×3 cabinet (width)x(height) as “S” and “U” figure. what is the difference?     

A9. Connection type won’t affect the image, the “s” “u” both will work, it is just let the system know the dataflow.

Q10. Explain why 10bit Signal will reduce the bandwidth to half (325000 px),1 byte=8bit.

A10. No matter 10bit or 12bit will use 2 bytes, so the capacity will cut down by half.

Q11. Is there a mailing list for the get noticed about program updates ex. NovaLCT. 

A11. We don’t have a mailing about the software update, but the software version later than NOVALCT 5.1.0 already supports an online update.

Q12. If I use vs4x as the main screen, then use 660 as the backup screen. why got the color not match and delay problem? isn’t BIT problem or HZ problem?   

A12. Since the processing algorithm and hardware is different, Never use different type controllers in the same project.

Q13. Is there a port limitation for an MCTRL 4K because of the Resolution?

A13. I think not     There is no limitation, support real 4K.

Q14. You are using a 93,6% usage rate, is it reasonable to use less usage rate per port? You are using a 93,6% usage rate, is it possible, to use a 100% usage rate?

A14. 93.6% is an average usage rate that we get from the test, and with this usage rate we give the 650,000 px, you can’t get 100% usage rate (transmission distance/ cable quality, etc.)

Q15. Does it matter if CAT cables are terminated to TIA568A or TIA568B standards?

A15. TIA568B

Q16. What is the difference between refresh rate and frame rate, would there be an effect on the screen display?       

A16. Frame rate is about the sending card setting, the refresh rate is about the receiving card setting. The higher the refresh rate your screen image will be more stable.

Q17. I am facing a problem on ethernet cable like it will not work more than 30 meters, and same brand cable will work for 80 meters also both cables are good physically.  

A17. It should be the cable quality issue, pls check with the supplier.

Q18. If I use 30hz and 8-bit color depth port capacity 1300000 so more connected in a single network port. why you prefer 60hz?  

A18. It is about the customers’ requirement, and the different area may have a different requirement, China/ US/ SEA we use 60hz, Europe often uses 50hz. 30hz is not used that often since the screen may have visible flickering

Q19. If I have a 9×5 wall at 1080p and a unit with 2 output for example (25 first data signal chain, 20-second signal chain) – does the start direction of chain 2 matter? example chain 1 ends at the bottom row, 2nd chain can start from bottom row next column or top row next column?

A19. Similar question with Q9, it doesn’t matter.

Q20. If my Cabinet Pixel 128*256 so how many cabinets can connect in 1 port?

A20. Cabinet number= 650,000 / (128*256).

Q21. What about using MCTRL660 and MCTRL300 on the same project? Both are only sending cards.    

A21. Plz check the answer of Q12, don’t use different controller models on the same screen.

Q22. Why the usage rate is 93.6%?    

A22. 93.6% is an average usage rate that we get from the test, and with this usage rate, we give the 650,000 px.

Q23. So we are currently talking about loading capacity per ethernet port? (Formula)   

A23. YES

Q24. For the MCTRL 4K, the max width is shown as 7680, is that achievable on the HDMI 2.0 input, or do you need to link the two DVI connector?

A24. Both HDIMI and 2*DVI-D can realize this,93.6% is an average usage rate that we get from the test, and with this usage rate, we give the 650,000 px.

Q25. Why is the total loading capacity calculated in rectangles?  

A25. It will be 650,000/width*height of the rectangle area of this output port.

Q26. Is that always a square? Could it be a rectangle if it was 2*3?      

A26. Not a square, is about a rectangle area, 2*3 is correct.

Q27. What about if use Blank option in cabinet Data patching? even if it is not a rectangle?

A27. The blank area will also be calculated in the rectangle area,the rectangular size will be defined by the position of the outermost cabinet

Q28. Can I increase the port capacity by changing the hertz and the color depth of the image?

A28. YES, according to the formula.

Q29. To confirm the image pixel loading capacity, is it the total maximum in one direction squared? how come the 1*8 in the example didn’t become 1*10? That bit is not clear.  

A29. Is not about a square, is about the rectangular, so the 1*8/1*10 is a rectangular area

Q30. Can you define what is a frame rate and what importance it has with the screen output?

A30. Depend on the customer requirement, the higher frame rate will have more frame picture send to the screen, China/ US/ SEA we use 60hz, Europe often use 50hz.

Q31. What is the maximum distance cable we can use the sending controller to the receiving card?

A31. 100meters (ethernet cable).

Q32. Is there a built-in scaler for the 4k?  

A32. No, Mctrl4K is just an independent controller, the NovaPro UHD-Jr is the 4k all-in-one.

Q33. In 1*8, doesn’t it need to add any cabinets to make a rectangular shape?

A33. It is a rectangular shape actually.

Q34. For MCTRL4K to 7680 do we need to use two inputs to archive this Resolution?

A34. HDMI2.0 or 2*Dual-link DVI can both realize this resolution, you can check the Q3.

Q35. Is it advised to use the maximum resolution at 93.6 of the bandwidth? could poor connection cause issues?   

A35. A poor connection will affect the usage rate, it is about the data transmission is stable or not. 93.6% is an average usage rate and 650,000 is the most-safe number.

Q36. What is a solution if the control PC is not near the sending card? USB max length is 5m.

A36. You can use ethernet cable control or you can use an adapter to convert the USB to ethernet then back to USB.

Q37. On a vx4s can I load 3 ports with 650000 and the fourth port with 350000.     

A37. If you use 650,000 for port 1/2/3, the loading capacity of port4 will be 2,300,000-650,000*3=350,000px, we recommend you average the loading capacity of all the output ports.

Q38. How can we receive a certificate from the course and NCE? A38. Sign in for at least 6 online NCE webinar and passed the final online exam.

Q39. I have seen in some cases even it is showing the loading capacity overloaded but the screen is working in some cases, is that ok?  

A39. Never put yourself into unknown status, please load the screen within the loading capacity.

Q40. Theoretically, you could use fiber instead of ethernet if you needed to go more than 100m if you convert it on both ends, right?   A40. YES, you can use fiber convert to do it. Like CVT320/310.

Q41. What is the difference between rcfg files and rcfgx files?

A41. We developed our software and make our receiving card more powerful than before, so we need the receiving card configuration file can store more information. for example.

Q42. Want to know about Scan Rate and Data Group? How we can know the values of these?

A42. Here we suggest you to check our “NovaStar Course”, the link is https://www.novastar.tech/support/nce-certified-courses/novastar-free-training-workshops/

Q43. When we don’t send the rcfg file to all RC, we have to choose the cabinets and it’s very longer than to send to all. Why?

A43. Normally, sending rcfg or rcfgx file to all receiving cards will be a little faster than to one specified receiving card. Because if we send to one specified receiving card, the system will take a longer time to check whether that receiving card is the one which you need or not. If we send to all the receiving cards, just send to all and receive.

Q44. Is it possible to set my Pixel in the receiving Card Tab as default?

A44. Every time when you send rcfg or rcfx file to the receiving card, and please remember to “save to hardware”, then all the information will be saved in your receiving card. If you change another type of cabinet, you have to do all the above again.

Q45. In Screen Connection, if we have a redundant Rx card, then how to do a screen configuration setting?

A45. Please do the normal screen connection as normal on both the main receiving card and the redundant receiving card.

Q46. Without the internet to download or retrieve rfcg o rfgx files. Is there a way to make rfcg o rfcgx file manually on the Nova LCT?

A46. Here we suggest you check our “NovaStar Course”, the link is https://www.novastar.tech/support/nce-certified-courses/novastar-free-training-workshops/, there you can get a basic knowledge of this, if your LED cabinet has a special design, please contact your manufacturer or NovaStar.

Q47. sometimes when receiving card file is read back and resent to the cabinet the display turns out scrambled. how can this be avoided?

A47. Please send more details of your rcfg file and version of software to support@novastar.tech, our engineer will help to check.

Q48. How can we do rcfgx file from scratch?

A48. Here if you already met a problem like scratch, we suggest finding a working well cabinet to read rcfg file back or contact your manufacturer. We also suggest you form good habits, always have a backup rcfg or rcfgx file.

Q49. Do we need to set the screen connection of every port if we are doing the backup?

A49. It is about the next training topic, please join the training on 12th May, we already prepare all the tips and details of the backup function.

Q50. Example customer vx6s sending controller cabinet size 192×384 total of cabin 50 so can possible config.

A50. If we just check the total pixel number, it is 3,686,400, one Vx6s should be possible, but it is better that you tell us the detailed screen width and height so we can double-check whether it is possible or not, please send details to support@novastar.tech.

Q51. Version 4.9.0 the program still needs only rcfg and doesn’t accept rgfgx.

A51. Version 4.9.0 should support rcfgx file, so please share your rcfg file to suppot@novastar.tech, we will help to check.

Q52. How if full screen is not showing in the LED wall while connecting through HDMI. VIA sending card. Is there any way to get a full image without a processor?

A52. Solution 1: you can use our software ViPlex express to open a play window which is the same resolution as your screen, then add the video or content in the play window, the ViPlex express will help to scale the content to the same size as your screen.

Solution 2: Maybe you can have a try at our all-in-one controller which can zoom the image directly.                                            

Solution 3: What about trying our J6 product, the specification please check this link https://www.novastar.tech/product/video-processor/

Q53. Difference between the Refresh rate and frame rate?

A53. Frames (fps) refers to the number of frames transmitted per second on the screen, or in general terms, the number of frames on the animation or video. The higher the frames per second (fps), the smoother the displayed motion. The refresh rate is the number of times the screen is refreshed per second.

Q54. Difference between A4s and A5s.

A54. The main difference is in the loading capacity, the loading capacity of A4s is 256X256, the loading capacity of A5s is 320X256. please check the following link, there are more details. https://www.novastar.tech/product/receiving-cards/

Q55. When reading the rcfgx file from the receiving card where can I find the location of the cabinet for the receiving card position to read from?

A55. When you click to read from receiving the card, you will see this interface, from this interface, you can select the number of receiving card, output and sending controller.

When reading the rcfgx file from the receiving card where can I find the location of the cabinet for the receiving card position to read from

Q56. If the Receiver card Supports 512×256 pixels then it means it can support 512 pixels in width and 256 pixels in height (maximum)….?

A56. Yes, that is the theory. but the PCB design and structure of the cabinet will also influence this parameter.

Q57. Do you have a table to help select the best controller for different LED wall design?

A57. It is about the next training topic, please join the training on 19th May, we already prepare all the tips about how to make a solution for the LED project. Or you can also contact our sales managers or send an email to support@novastar.tech

Q58. Is it possible to retrieve the rcfg file for its particular project if the read backfile is corrupted and I don’t have any backup file?

A58. We suggest reading back from a working cabinet before the event starting every time.

Q59. I try to send the Screen Connection more than once to the receiving cars the screen will not display correctly. I must “restore to factory” then reload the rcfgx file and send it again. This will usually fix the problem? Why does it do this?

A59. In our system, the screen connection information is saved in the sending controller, rcfg or rcfgx file is saved in the receiving card. So theoretically speaking, they will not influence each other. There is a possibility that the receiving card information in the screen connection is wrong. please send more details to support@novastar.tech, we will help to check.

Q60. Why does the sending card resolution and input resolution have to be the same? What will happen if it’s not the same? What do we do if we have a larger screen resolution?

A60. The information of the picture is carried by each pixel, so only when the sending card resolution and input resolution are the same, all the information on each pixel will be shown accurately. that’s why we say if we want the best effect on the screen, we need to show the picture pixel by pixel. if they are not the same, the picture will be a slur.

Q61. Can you explain what regular and irregular is?

A61. There are two kinds of situations we will call a cabinet irregular cabinet.                                                                

①Special size and shape cabinet, such as triangle, roundness, etc.  

②The data group in the cabinet is not the default order. For more details please check NovaStar course: Exchange Data Group  https://www.novastar.tech/support/nce-certified-courses/novastar-free-training-workshops/”

Q62. Can you send us rcfgx files for common cabinets in the dropbox?

A62. The LED cabinets from the different manufacturer are totally different, even the cabinets come from the same manufacturer will still have a difference. so the rcfgx has to be different, there is no one rcfgx file that can be used on all kinds of cabinets.

Q63. Do we always send the rcfgx file on the cabinet from each configuration?

A63. Not always, if you send rcfg or rcfgx to receiving card and save it, one time is enough if there is no special situation.

Q64. What’s the difference between send to receiving card, and save system configuration, and save?

A64. Send to receiving card: send rcfg or rcfgx file to receiving card.

Save system configuration: save all the information of sending card, receiving card, screen connection

Save: Save the configuration in the hardware.

Q65. Can we do send the RCFGX file after the screen connection settings? what is the difference?

A65. There is no difference, but we suggest to send rcfgx before screen connection.

Q66. Can u give the example type of receiving card that supports “enable mapping”

A66. All the Armor Series, MRV316, MRV366, MRV328.

Q67. Can you please explain the Smart LCT software?

A67. We will have a video to show the basic software settings of SmartLCT, please follow up on our website, will be ready soon.

Q68. Can’t we see how to set up the backup now for this basic configuration?

A68. It is about the next training Topic, please join the training on 12th May, we already prepare all the tips and details of the backup function.

Q69. I didn’t understand the firmware part sorry? or can you go over the firmware section again please, it was very fast.

A69. The firmware in the receiving card is the same as the Windows system on the computer. Without the correct firmware program, the receiving card can’t show a good image.

Q70. How does the Panel mapping option activate?

A70. In the screen connection interface, you can find the option.

How does the Panel mapping option activate?

Q71. Can you explain the reset starting coordinate?

A71. It is the function to reset all the receiving card position information.

Q72. To configure a screen we can use an mctrl660 and mctrl300 together? to use 6 ports?

A72. We don’t suggest you do this if you want to use 6 ports, what about VX6s or MCTRL660pro.

Q73. Can you explain how to config irregular screen sizes or panels with different pixel sizes?


Solution 1: Please use the “complex screen”.                                             

Solution 2: Use a standard screen to do the screen connection then, change the cabinet resolution one by one. Solution 3: please use the SmartLCT software.

Q74. Do blank cabinets count for the total port pixel loading?

A74. Yes.

Q75. In complex screen mode, does the same rectangularization of the output apply as it does in the standard screen setup, or are only the pixels in panels counted?

A75. No, even the area where has no cabinets will still be counts for the total port loading capacity, more details please check the video on 6th Mays, the blank cabinets will still be counts for the total port loading capacity.

Q76. In case of loading a wrong rcgx file and it is saved in the system and then the modules do not respond to any communication, what should be done?

A76.To form good habits that before doing any settings, read rcfgx file from the working well cabinet.

Q1. As for setting a redundancy on a single unit with port 1 primary and port 2 back-ups, why only set the screen connection to port 1 (how does port 2 know screen connection without setting)?

A1. The NovaLCT will do the backup connection by itself, it is automatic.

Q2. What is/are the limitations of the multiscreen function?

A2. The multiscreen function is only for the brightness adjustment. it is the limitations.

Q3. Is there anything we need to do differently to set up redundancy in multiscreen configurations, or does it work the same as with a single screen?

A3. These two functions will not influence each other.

Q4   Is this function going to work if the controllers are not cascaded together?

A4   yes, of course.

Q5. When do you use the ‘card type’ sending card what equipment are they housed in?

A5. Now we have two “card ” products in a synchronous system, MSD300 MSD600.

Q6. It is possible for a sending card to have two different images?

A6. Yes, it is about player software, please check ViPlex express software, it can help you.

Q7. At a minimum, we should always try to control a single screen by a single sending card. Is this correct? Or, we should avoid using two sending cards on a single screen surface?

A7. It depends on the total pixel numbers. Please check the first video of our course: the basic knowledge of the Control system.

Q8. Can I NOT Cascading If I use the MSD cards? Or I always need to use the flat cable and not cascading is just for controllers?

A8. We suggest cascade controllers together if the physical. distance doesn’t allow cascade controllers, we can still use this function with non-cascaded controllers.

Q9. In a cascade situation, how can you manage different brightness situations for the different producer-led screens, same pitch?

A9. Does the problem of calibration, we have to use our calibration system to calibrate the screen. It can be promoted, can’t be solved 100%.

Q10.  I use two screens with different types of Cabinets and I set them as 1 combined screen. when I change brightness one screen stays darker as before.

A10. It is better to let users check all the settings, please contact support@novastar.tech.

Q11. After you have combined screens in multi-screen management, will the screen configuration page still access the screens individually?

A11. Yes, still individually.

Q12. When do I have to plug non-cascade and when it’s better to get the connection in cascade?

A12. We always suggest you cascade all controllers if there are multiple screens. if these settings will not influence a lot, of course, you no need to cascade them.

Q13. If I am using 1 sending card or controller and then I use 1 and 2 ports to separate the screen content. can I not make the brightness adjustment in the controller or in the mctrl660? do they not work both adjustments since I am only using the same sending card?

A13. Yes, you can, The multiscreen is only for the brightness adjustment, so will not influence other settings, just make sure the screen connection and multiscreen settings are correct.

Q14. What player is using for multiple screens if Novastudio isn´t on the webpage?

A14. It is about how we can use player software. Please check our software ViPlex express.

Q15. Suppose I have 4 screens, can I make 2 different combined screens, two screens each to drive its brightness by pairs?

A15. Yes, you are right.

Q16. Need to play and change the contents same time on different screens, how can do this without a physical data connection from one sending box? can it be sync with the Taurus series? Also with the Taurus series can we do multi-screen management?

A16. It is about how we can use player software. Please check our software ViPlex express.

Q17. Q we are facing an issue with nova studio, it’s restarting automatically, mostly it happens when we configure to play multiscreen.

A17. It is about how we can use player software. Please check our software ViPlex express.

Q18. In the MCTRL600 Can I configure multiple screens? Does each port can work at full capacity of pixels and separates the screen on different sides.

A18. Yes, you can, The multiscreen is only for the brightness adjustment, so will not influence other settings, just make sure the screen connection and multiscreen settings are correct.

Q19. How many screens can be set up by NovaLCT?

A19. 20 screens.

Q20. How many sending controllers can be connected to NovaLCT?

A20.It depends on the type of the controller, for MCTRL4K, for each COM port we can cascade 10 pcs, for MCTRL660, for each COM port we can cascade 20 pcs.

Q21. If the resolution of my screens are different, will this function still work?

A21. Yes ,this function just works on brightness adjustment. So even the screens are different, they still work.

Q22. Do I need to click the send to hardware every time I program screen one before programming the screen2? or it is automatically after the programming of screen2?

A22. If you click “send” in the screen connection in NovaLCT, all the screen settings will be sent to the controller at the same time.

Q23.  For cascading controllers, we just have to connect each of them with cable…no settings from the software?

A23. No other settings, please remember to check the status in “view details of Device”.

Q24. When using a combined screen with many 2.5mm cabinets, I met an issue to have the same color settings on different ports. I tried to change all values (brightness, gamma, white balance, etc.) but a little colorimetry difference was still visible. The only solution I found was to delete the combined screen, change the value separately for each port, and recreate the combined screen after to monitor… Can you explain this, please?

A24. It is better for our engineer to remote control to check all the settings, please contact support@novastar.tech

Q25. After all the screens are combined, do we still need to keep the USB connection of all the controllers connected to the PC for screen management? One is enough?

A25. If all the controllers are cascaded together, just one USB cable connected PC. if all the controllers are non-cascaded, all the USB cables need to connect with the PC.

Q26. How about using a complex LED screen with 2 different Receiver Card? Let’s say 3 screens.

A27. All different kinds of receiving cards are mixed in the whole three screens, we don’t suggest doing this.

Q27. Is there any way we can schedule the brightness level day/night or brightness sensors for auto-adjust the level according to the ambient light?

A27. Yes, please check our user manual or video on our website.

Q28. Is it possible to set up two different resolution screens together?

A28. Yes, it is possible.

Q29. What is if I have a different Setting before I set multiscreen Management. will brightness Change in that relationship?

A29. The multiscreen is only for the brightness adjustment, so will not influence other settings, just make sure the screen connection and multiscreen settings are correct.

Q30. How do we Cascade multiple vx4s in full resolution capacity and set/toggle between multiple input sources?

A30. Multiple screens are only for the brightness adjustment, not for the input switch.

Q31. How do we specify the input source for each screen?

A31. It is about how we can use player software. Please check our software ViPlex express.

Q32. Is there a solution to calibrate different manufacturers’ screens? same pitch.

A32. It is the problem of calibration, we have to use our calibration system to calibrate the screen. it can be promoted, can’t be solved 100%.

Q33. How do you cascade the controllers together what is the wiring?

A33. MCTRL660: Ethernet cable, VX4s, VX6s MCTRL4K, MCTRL R5, NovaPro UHD Jr: USB cable.